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everybody is welcome to my book arts workshops,
where I enjoy sharing what I know
about binding, folding and paper engineering.


there's nothing better than the satisfaction of learning
something new and, mostly, see the booklet coming "alive"!

 apart from the different techniques you'll learn how to bind:

Bullet Journals, Travel Journals, Recipe Books and Diaries.

my booklets are a perfect gift for someone special

(including yourself!)

2016-02-17 11.10.30 copia.jpg

where it all started

since I was a kid, I always have been a handy person.
it was in my grandparent's laboratory that all started:
I remember myself binding my little books surrounded by paper stocks, glue, pencils and colours.

years later, I learned proper book binding at the London College of Communication. the first time in the book arts lab was like falling in a parallel universe: a sunny open space, far from London noises, with swing music coming from an old radio, and a smiley teacher dressed in a blue and white striped t-shirt.

I was in my natural environment!

after the college, I kept learning, binding... and started teaching!

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