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Brand festival!

Tomorrow I'll be at the Branding festival, talking about city branding, beyond the logo! There's a lot behind a city logo, like strategy, events, studies... not just branding.

My colleague, Gabriele Garofalo, and I will go through our "method" to evaluate a logo as well as create one. These suggestions came up from our analysis of what worked - and what didn't - in different cities in the world.

There are no rules, all the cities are different, but we'll show just a few guidelines to make the city brand work.

Simple as it seems, a suggestion we always mention is "use it!" - like Amsterdam did with Iamsterdam. if it is not used, a logo is useless!

We'll be talking about city imaginaries, and what makes a city's identity. Some places look like they don't need a logo, since they bear a strong identity, layered in their history.

London is one of them. Each one of us has a different perception of the city. Some will think about the Queen and Parliament, or the red buses and the underground, or the City and its skyline, and so on. In these cases, a logo would be difficult, since it should incorporate all these aspects or should be a plain logo with no meaning, just a typography.

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