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The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities

What makes great a city?

Monocle's new book unveils the secret to build better cities by analizing the best practices from allover the world.

I could not miss the chance to go to the launch event on the 31st of October at Midori House in London. We were welcomed in Monocle's headquarters, not far from the central Baker Street.

Cheese, wine, books and good people: the best combination for a cozy event that looked like a gathering of people sharing ideas about cities and architecture.

Andrew Tuck, the editor's director of the magazine, introduced the hosts:

Henry Squire, partner of Squire and Partners

Alice Cabaret, founder and CEO of The Street Society

Sam Potter, a partner of the Make Architects

Kat Hanna associate director of Urban Change, Cushman & Wakefield

An inspiring book for all the city lovers who will enjoy the quality of the pictures and the density of the information, far from the formal tones that are usual in this matter.

As all the Monocle's books (and magazine), it an editorial masterpiece in every detail, not just a coffee table book, but a book to read at a slow pace.

The event was recorded for Monocle's radio (link to the "The Urbanist" episode)

Link to the shop.

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