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How to be a graphic designer without loosing your soul

Books for Christmas!

I really had to switch off my brain and restart. Job has been so stressing in the late months, and I had to change house twice.

Now I can finally relax and enjoy some time off before starting a new job!

Nothing is better than books! I received so many of them this Christmas. I really have to read more, take some time to relax and not be obsessed by work and productivity.

So, my boyfriend gave me this book, "How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul". It really helped me to go through these hard times and be back on the track!

In the picture I am just reading it up in the mountains, on the 26th of December. Snow and cold weather outside, warm and cosy inside, in good company of this book.

I discovered in it a good companion. It is indeed an excellent resource for freelancers and a good outline of what it means to be a graphic designer.

It is really well written and designed (loved the colours and layout).

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