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a festival about cities: behind the scenes of Torinostratosferica

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

work in progress for Torinostratosferica, utopian hours, the first minifestival about utopia and cities. It took 4 months and many people to organize these 3 days festival, a real challenge! But it was definitely a success!

I really learned a lot here, people were working hard but satisfied, at last.

Many international guests and interesting topics, 5 exhibitions: night time is the right time (London), future urban trends, images of utopia, rebranding Torinostratosferica and visions from Torinostratosferica.

We tracked down all the guests researching them on google, reading their books, and asking around to our contacts. It is difficult to start, but once you are in, things to do are coming up and it gets more and more exciting.

the biggest phase was research:

1 Background research on the theme - history, books, people, images, anything is important in this stage.

2 People research - ask around and do research. we were looking for city experts and enthusiasts. They also had to speak in public, so we looked for them on youtube to see if they were brilliant or not.

3 Studio research - we looked for the best studios in Italy. we collected 10 names, looked for the direct mail and asked them if they were available.

4 Contents research - last but not least, we had a couple of exhibitions and we had to look for good quality images. we went for the good old paper!

hands on:

1 organise people and talks

2 organise exhibitions: space, layouts, wayfinding, etc.

3 design every detail, print ad set everything ready to go!

I helped curating many aspects, the image, the organization, the research, the exhibitions, and the booklet that came out.

I really learned how to look for information on the web, almost like a MI6 agent!

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