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and the winner is...

happy to announce a second place in a photography competition with one of my favourite photographers, Oliviero Toscani!

this was something about photojournalism and the concept of 'fronteers'.

the serie of pictures I submitted were shot in Turin, in a controversial place in the real heart of the city. Cavallerizza reale is a UNESCO world heritage site occupied by citizens and artists, that gave life to the place when this was abandoned.

based on active citizenship, it is a meeting point and a cultural hub that hosts concerts, art and theatre performances, movie screenings, courses and debates.

this place is an important piece of history, as it was part of the Royal Stables, with a theatre, a big park and a residential area. it changed a lot since it was built, and today the city council wants it back, to build luxury residences, hotels or a shopping centre.

city and citizens are still fighting for this place.

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