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a genius called Kessels

as I wrote a while ago, I always find myself close to big designers, sometimes just popping to events. this time I saw Kessels, one of my favourites, since I love Dutch design, for their simplicity and use of typography.

kessels' use of photography is unique. his works is a meticulous research in flea markets and on the internet. he looks for something different than prefect pictures, he wants the ugly, the mistake, the oddity.

Kessels is a good in scouting all these people's quirks and oddities.

not always beautiful, but the act of collection makes them more precious and accurate.

“There are no wrong turns anymore… which is where the interesting things happen”

in an era where everyone is striving for perfection, we are afraid of failure, which limits our creativity. Kessels celebrates failures as part of the creative process. this helps us to us find new ways of thinking changing our perceptions to new ways of looking things.

it is an encouraging and inspiring book, with anecdotes, quotes, facts and figures from a broad range of creative fields.

he also signed me his book. genius!


there are plenty of unused pictures! in this exhibition in FOAM, Amsterdam, he filled various places with what is a daily amount of pictures taken allover the world.

to print his books and ideas he founded a publishing house. here the magazine Useful photography. each issue a different topic, from cows to passport pictures and from war to awards pictures, to discuss the principles of photography and the changing world.

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