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this is my goodbye to London

I was inspired by my work with le corbusier's brise soleil one: "breaking the sun". with some of the pictures I took around London, and some others, I wanted to have a final booklet about my exploration in the city. here I used the approach of urban explorer, trying to get lost in the city and walk around casually to discover every little angle.

of course I chose just some borough like southwark and the city to take the pictures

for my publication. I wanted to represent an urban landscape with modern

architectures, to give another point of view of the exploration of the city, as if it was a natural landscape full of wonder and curiosity.

along my images and the explanation of the 'flaneur' practice, I wanted to give an extra touch with the fantastic words of Italo Calvino, from one of his masterpieces, Invisible cities. this was a sort of goodbye to the city, especially the last page (below).

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