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after the hand in I had to put in order my college stuff and get rid of the big amount of paper I produced in eight months.

it was a pity, the paper was good and I had my projects on it! they where mistakes, proof prints or left overs. something still nice! so I thought that I could write on them, but taking them at home in Italy was a nightmare! so I started to fold them into a6, combine them in a sort of nice composition/imposition of pages and do some notebooks.

I am a notebook lover and big moleskine fun. I love to write on different types of paper: coloured, textured, thick or thin, coated or uncoated.

these notebooks where also a good exercise for coptic binding, my favorite one!

the result now is that everybody wants one!! so I started to collect different paper from the school, flyers or other people scraps.

this is what I call recycling! I'd really like to make a business out of it.

it is a nice thing, estethically and ethically! something like freitag bags! maybe a should start a kickstarter and see! it takes really time and effort. I don't know if I have it!

but I love to use them, and for now, I'll keep as a personal collection and memory of this year in London!

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