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05 colours


finally a bit of colour into our lessons!

in the first three excercises we had to do a geometric composition with respectively primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

we can see some differences, primary are very vibrant, secondary are still vivid but less powerful and tertiary are clarely less bright.

primary colors remind me the nursery school, these are the first colours we see, even because in our first days we have not the complete sight.

I am going to research how they are used, what they convey and which painter used just primary. I can recall Mondrian, who used primary colors plus black and white.

secondary colours remind me 80/90s, when we all had those turquoise, violet and green ski jackets (sometimes I still see some of them on the mountain, that's vintage!)

I want to start here my research on colour in product design, I think is very interesting to know the trends of colors throught the years.

next exercise was complementary. I broke the rules, knowing that the effect we wanted was contrast, and I find bright pink and cyan gives a vibrant effect that always fascinated me.

the best for last!

we had really fun composing with coloured object we found, because in my group nobody had coloured object and we ha to improvise! the result is a masterpiece of found objects, we emptied our pokets, bags and purses!

first composition with primary and secondary objects.

no filter picture, I suggest to wear sunglasses!

second composition with tertiary and black objects. this seems to be more elegant and less pop.

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