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03 hierarchy

my Achilles' heel.

layout things and put in order. yes, even if I love cleanness, I am not able to put things properly in the space, I just spend hours moving everything around, but without a satifying result. the point is that I really should to use more grids.

Vignelli in his book, Canon, is very useful (as in Italy we could say, “buonanima”): he simply explains the basic rules in a few words, straight to the point as I like it!

"For us graphic design is organization of information. Nothing could be more useful to reach our intention than the Grid. The grid represent the basic structure of our graphic design, it helps to organize the content, it provides consistency, it gives an orderly look and it projects a level of intellectual elegance that we like to express"

coming back to the lesson

the first thing we have to do is to decide what is the most important information that we have to highlight, and there are a few ways to get the attention

we did some exercises to underline different parts of an invitation (who what where and when)

1. position.

we used same size and weight in this first excercise.

basic rules:

• group informations

• give a structure to the space, by aligning things vertically or horizontally

I think my work is a bit boring and works like a scheme, but at least I can say that is organized.

2. weight

we could just use weight in one element

here I tried to organize things on an decentered axis. it reminds me frank lloyd wright works and organic architecture

3. size

we could use one big element, but without mixing bold and regular.

and in the afternoon we were introduced to GRIDS, yay!

I admit that I rarely use grids, but I realize they are vital for a good job!

rules make life easier, and grids even more: I can simply align things to my grid (choosing one of the four corners).

these are the poster we did, using our grids. not bad!!

I really learned a lot today, and I really have to fix all these things!

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