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02 letter shapes

today we explored letters and their shapes.

first: we had to draw our alphabet, based on a grid and having in mind just one or maybe two geometric shapes combined.

I choose a strange shape, an irregular pentagram, we could say! is like the shape of the milk carton if we cut off the edge.

I named it "milk light" because is not an heavy typeface.

then we saw some good and classic typeface, and we were invited to observe how each typeface is incredibly different in its detail. then we were divide into groups and had to draw the most interesting parts of the letters of some typeface.

we had Gill Sans, not easy, because is a sans serif font, and the terminals at first were not so peculiar. in the end we found some interesting shapes and we combined them in a sort of order we had in our mind (except for a gap that made me crazy!) ;)

I'm a space-control freak, I know, but I was teached by strict designers, so I really have to stick to some kind of grid.

it was hard work for everybody and is nice to see that each work was so different.

​ ​

in the afternoon we "played" again with space and aphorism.

we had to paginate some sentences. not easy,

but as the professor said

"rules makes life easier", so with some rules we could easily do something that was quite good!

my piece wasn't that special, but I am here to improve! let's see the next week what we'll be doing. ​

this was a busy day! but eventually after lesson we went to the dark room, the bar in LCC. and after we went diligently to the library. better ideas comes when you are less conscious (I have some projects that prove that!).

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