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01 letter space

is all about space: white is as important as the space that the letters occupy.

the correct spacing makes it easier to read as a whole space of the word.

kerning is altering the space between the letters, singularly taken, while letterspacing is the space between all the letters together.

word spacing is also important, the space between words, it has to be balanced in order to read the whole sentence without interruptions.

leading is the vertical space between lines.

nothing new, but now is more clear that is not easy to balance everything.

experience and a good eye is the only thing that is needed.

I used Bodoni, one of my favourite, is clear, classic and modern, and is from Turin, my second city!

the first day they showed us the library, and the photography and letterpress laboratory.


I really have to use them!!

#spacing #leading #kerning #space #bodoni #typography #letterpress

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