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when I decided to be a graphic designer

Ivrea: small in its size, but great in its ideas: the hometown of OLIVETTI typewriters and the recent ARDUINO.

this is where I was born.

at first I was very confident with what I wanted to do in my life: at three, as every child in this world, I drew a lot, but I started writing complex words, and I was really proud of it.

at five, in my mother's shop (frames and paintings), I had plenty of material to play and experiment! I spent my the free time writing stories in self made brossured books, and illustrating of course! in my father's office, I drew a lot using computer, obviously I just had paint on windows 95! old good days!

at eleven I was always the best in art class and Italian!

my teacher said one day "you will be a children's book illustrator". keep that in mind.

in highschool I had to choose between psychology and art and design course.

I choose the second one because they had iMacs, at that time they were coloured and transparent, very cool.

but at this point, something broke: my art teacher told me that I was no good in drawing and I did a mistake taking this course. but I was good with pantone.


the year after I had another teacher, but I didn't want to draw any more, I started to use the computer, and goodbye to pencils! the mouse was my new best friend, together with photoshop.

after highschool I didn't know how to be a graphic designer! so I went to uni to do communication, with the idea of becoming a web design.

nothing more wrong. I hated web design!

after one year,

finally I choose the Polythecnic and started the course of Design and visual communication, a course that was more focussed on product design, were I studied a bit of everything. funny that in my first group project (and later in another one), I designed a children book!!

I did video, graphic design, print, web and 3D, but I felt that it wasn't enought, so this is why I want to take this course!

clear ideas, finally!!

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