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Role: Concept, Research, Branding, Visuals, Prototypes, Testing, Mockups

Duration: Dec - Feb 2023

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Space Grey_makebake.png

The product

App that helps people customise bakery products, based on preferences and focussed on dietary needs

The problem

People with dietary restrictions or that have special requests can’t always find what they are looking for.

The goal

Help people get personalised bakery products based on their needs and tastes.

Target audience

Image by Jonathan Borba

Name: Louise

Age: 44

Occupation: Lab manager

Louise is a Lab manager who needs to customise her bakery products because her family has special needs and she’s a very conscious consumer.

Image by Leilani Angel

Name: Marcus

Age: 27

Occupation: Event planner

Marcus is an event planner who needs a stress-free app to personalise his bakery products because his clients are very demanding.

Pain Points.png

User research: pain points
The main pain points is the lack of choice: no brand offers personalisation of the products. 

Ideation phase 

User journey shows a situation where the app could be used and the interaction of the user with the app.

User journey.png
MakeBake graph.png

Competitor audit
Three direct competitors and one indirect.None of the competitors offers complete personalisation, just one has an app. 

User journey

Low fidelity prototypes

The main focus was to create a flow to see if the user was able to understand the personalisation part and complete the task easily.

Usability study

Two rounds of testing: the first round users tested the wireframe, the second one they tested the high fidelity mockup.

The first round highlighted some issues with the flow and the need for more instructions during the process. 

The second round brought up some interesting features to be developed to make the user experience smoother.

user testing parameters.png

High fidelity mockup

The main amends were on the flow.
There are now more instructions about the process for new users.

MB flow.png

A splash animation was added before the log in/register screen.

It's important to give a feedback on the success of the purchase.

The profile page will also collect the information for a quicker checkout.

Challenge 1: the complexity

At some point the complexity of the process made me stop and rethink everything. 

Splitting the flow into new and recurring users helped to avoid the frustration of having too much or too little information.

Challenge 2: the process

Explaining the process in short was not easy. People might not read and be in a rush, and might be lost at some point.

Many testing took place to make sure that the process was smooth and clear. Many amends followed until the final result. Diversifying the way we are communicating the process and the flow is making sure the message is coming through.

Challenge 3: the filters

Filters were the essence of the concept.


Initially they were placed in the homepage. Later, they were moved after the category selection. Finally, they are in the Profile section and also specified in all the product pages, so that people won't have to input the same allergies and preferences every time they use the app
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Silver.png


Personalisation might take some time to perform. Little animations make the experience more pleasant and fun. 

Style guide

Style guide.png

“Functional, practical.
Love the idea of customising the research with preferences
and allergies.”

Key learnings

  • User testing has been essential to find critical pain points and solve them easily and quickly improve the design and the user journey.

  • Sometimes is useful to stop and rethink.

Next steps

  • Implement the ‘Professional account’ in future updates

  • Find new ways of improve accessibility

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